How to pass Telco "calling features"


Is there anyway to pass, say *67, or *82, *72 (Telco Call fwd) through to the Analog trunks on outgoing?

Im my setup, I have 3 lines from one Analog provider (A), and 3 via a Centrex analog connection (B). The outgoing routes are setup to balance all the lines such that outbound calls alternate between A and B so that there’s less chance the either A or B will completely fill with incoming calls.
Both accounts are setup with Call Blocking (A.K.A. Anoymous Calling).

Problem is that certain destinations require CID info, or else the call is blocked, requiring use of *82 (on the analog trunk) to open up the CID.

Is there a way to

  1. pass this info through
  2. config it to work with the Centrex lines, which have their own requirement to prepend a 9 to all outgoing numbers dialed.

Thanks in advance.

Dial(ZAP/g3/*829${EXTEN})? set that up with some kind of script that will alternate between the lines… see this thread for a start on such a thing…

[quote=“IronHelix”]Dial(ZAP/g3/*829${EXTEN})? set that up with some kind of script that will alternate between the lines…[/quote]I apologize, I was not clear in my OP.

I need for those * codes to be sent “on demand”, by the user. For instance, our POTS trunks are configured with Call-blocking (aka Anonymous calling) so that our CID info doesn’t normally get sent to the destination. There are however occasions, when the destination doesn’t accept anonymous/private calls, therefore for that phone call and that one only, the user needs to prepend his call with *82 to allow the CID info to be sent out.

Now, couple that with the fact that I have 2 different POTS providers being inter-mixed into this Asterisk box, one of them being a Centrex type (which has its’ own “dial-9” requirement) and you see the problem.

Is it even possible in this scenario?

ah, then you just allow it in the pattern. IE make a second pattern for something like

exten => _*82NXXXXXX,1,etc