How to parse PN info from register request?

how to get some info from register request from endpoints. I want to save it and use it latter. Is there any way i can parse info from register header?

Yes, it is easy, but not from the dialplan. At this level, Asterisk does not know about the details of SIP. In the past I’ve had a log file with console output having enabled SIP output. But this is not really suitable for a production system.

Is there any other way, I can get the caller extension when someone calls. like if 211 is calling i get the 211 and pass for some other processing.


You need to make sure that you are not doing anything thatn would override this (or must override it if the peer does not send it), and you must enable the relevant options in the channel driver, unless you are using SIP and the correct value is in in the From header, e.g rustrpid in chan_sip.

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