How to park a call

how to configure asterisk pbx for parking a call

can you please explain

Also see features.conf.sample

Hi David

Thanks for your replay,

i have tried that thing, But it is not working properly,

is there any other reference



Show us what you’ve tried, and provide detailed logs (verbosity 5 or higher), and a description of what you expected, and how what actually happened differed.

HI All,

i am trying to add some functionality i.e. trying to execute curl, for this i am modifying channel/chan_sip.c

Now it is successfully compiled

while restarting asterisk it is showing undefined reference to “curl_easy_setopt”

For that i have modified chan/Makefile with LIBS+= -lcurl

i am getting “No such command ‘sip show peers’” asterisk cli

sip module lost,

can any please let me know how to execute curl in chan_sip.c and changes in makefile


Firstly, please do not tag people to encourage a reply to from them. We will reply if we think we can usefully contribute.

Secondly changing the source code is a developer activity and there are mailing lists and IRC channels for that; this forum is for end users.

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