How to modify MAX_AGI_CONNECT?

I installed AsteriskNow 13. I’m trying to use agi and fastagi but I always have the same problem: MAX_AGI_CONNECT 2000ms that are too short time. I found that this configuration is in res_agi.c but I find this file anywhere in my computer!!! Why? I only find but it’s a binary file…
I’m desperate!! I find anything surfing in internet.
Sorry for my bad English.


You will need to rebuild Asterisk from source, to make that change.

Is this the only way?!?! Why?!?! Can I rebuild only the agi part?

You could rebuild just one module, and I did it when developing modified versions, but the time it takes to get the process right (e.g. get an configuration file that matches your existing core program, is likely to be longer than the time for all of Asterisk to rebuild

Thank you very much for your reply, I will do it!!