How to minimum load average cpu server asterisk

I use a server with 32 CPU cores
but its use is uneven and makes its high load average
how the core so that it can serve all and can equally be used? :unamused: :unamused:
please help :laughing:

There is probably no realistic way of doing this. If there were it would depend on the channel technology and details of your dialplan.

if I want to use Asterisk with Elastix system operation and 200 agent / caller
what server specifications are adequate and able to accommodate it all?
thank you master :smiley:

and how to optimize asterisk on multiple cores cpu?

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That is not a sufficient definition of your usage to allow the system to be sized. In any case, you will generally only get people telling them what works for them, given they way they use Asterisk. I use it for lab testing of functionality, so I don’t generate large numbers of calls, and most testing is on VMs, with no requirement for good audio.