How to map response and request in SS7

Hi all, I’m trying to read the value inside CAMEL packet going through Intelligent Network via SS7. I use wireshark to capture data. There is something I’m not clear to understand. Here is my concern:

  • MSC and gsmSCF exchange a lot of messages in order to set up a call (initialDP), Apply Charging, release call, … But at one moment, there are a hundred calls at the same time so that MSC send a hundred initialDP information to gsmSCF . Also, gsmSCF send back a hundred response to gsmSCF (continue or Apply Charging …). So, from gsmSCF side,how it match these feedback from MSC to the corresponding initialDP information. Is there any sign in the packet exchange in order to map the answer and the request. Some one told me it is in TCAP but I don’t know which parameter carrying the sign. So, experts, please help me if you have any idea about it. Thanks a lot.

I don’t know the specifc answer, but, as I remember it, normally SS7 messages are matched on a combination of destination point code and channel number.

In any case, this is either not Asterisk related, or probably belongs on a developer mailing list not on an end user resource.