[ How To ] make Paying system

Hello everybody …
I dont know if this the right place to post my Thread , however .
I tried to make paying system like Mobile phone scratch cards , with Mysql .
how i can limit every carrier with a price ?
EX :
US : 0.9 $
CA : 0.11 $
UK : 0.7 $


Unless your dead set on making your own… it may be faster to implement A2Billing

thank you ,
i’ll give a try

Basicaly you have to connect Mysql or other database in your dialplan
read a route cost and an account credit value and make some math to make a maxtime depending route cost if you whant a prepaid system with hang up when credit is 0.
Then you have just to update account value with real used time*route cost
and write som cdrs

You can use the swiss knife astcc.agi or make it yourself with dialplan and mysql or use A2billing.