How to make outgoing voice louder on a sip trunk?

Hello all !
Is it possible to make the outgoing voice louder with a sip trunk? External parties often tell us that the sound isn’t loud enought (calls are made with a sip trunk and g729).
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PS: this subject was discussed here in the feepbx forum, but so for no answer to the problem was found: … ment-16298

That is a function of the telephones. The speech path doesn’t even necessarily go through Asterisk.

The situation may be different if one side is not SIP, or you are transcoding.

If you are using 1.6, you can try the VOLUME() function. I’ve never had a need to use it so ymmv. If you are using 1.4 I don’t think there is anything you can do on the Asterisk side for sip channels. Have you tried using different/better headsets on the PC side (I’m going to guess that is the source of the low volume)?

I would be pretty sure that VOLUME() only worked for analogue hardware.

Note the use of the term gain.

Even if it did work for SIP, it would inhibit re-invites, which is not normally desirable.[/quote]

Hello all !

Thanks a lot for all your feedbacks !

OK, I will test the diffrent headsets and try to solve it this way.