How to make Asterisk to respond to incoming re-INVITE


We’re having problems with outbound, off net calls going trough PSTN gateway of our service provider. All outgoing calls are successfully established but disconnected after some 30s. Collected SIP traces show that in case of outbound calls PSTN gateway of our service provider, immediately after sending 200 OK response to initial INVITE, sends subsequent re-INVITE massage trying to change UPD port. As our Asterisk doesn’t respond to that new request call is disconnected, after some 30 seconds.

The question is how we can make Asterisk (deployed version is Asterisk PBX capable of responding to re-INVITE request coming from SP’s side?

Asterisk will always respond to a valid re-invite; you need to provide sip set debug on type tracing and have verbosity at least 3. Please remove sensitive data, but note that IP addresses may be very relevant, so try to minise the obfuscation of these, in particular, the same address must be ofuscated the same each time and the network part of the address should be ofuscated the same each time and there needs to be a clear distinction between routable and non-routable networks.