How to make Asterisk as a Paging with delay?

Remove the safeties on the phone that prevent remote eavesdropping.
Read the documentation to find out how to request it to auto answer (usually a specifi value in a header).

Dialplan answers and records the message, and either renames it to a standard name or plants the name in a global variable.

Dialplan originates call to destination, using a local channel, with second piece of dialplan as the B side.
Original dialplan hangs up.

Local channel dialplan sets up what is needed to add the header or other mechanism to select auto answer, and dials the target. I think you might actually have to use a predial subroutine, in which case the local channel dialplan might be just the Dial()

Originated dialplan calls Playback for the file.
Originated dialplan h extension uses System to call shred to overwrite and remove the file. (Might be able to use hangup handler instead of h.)

I’m unlikely to be able to expand on this, as more detail would require some live testing.

Hi David, Many thanks. We’ll try this procedure.

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