How to kick calls out of the paging system?


So I have a simple paging system that installed using FreePBX. the pilot number for the paging system is 60 and it works great. When you dial 60 all 100 phones beep and the page starts.

The problem I have is that I can answer a call from an outside caller and then TRANSFER them to EXT 60. now the outside caller is sitting in the page system and all 100 phones can hear the guy breathing!

I can fix the issue with not problems via the CLI Show channels / soft hangup.

However I would like help in creating a script or something so that I could dial say *60 and it would kill any call that is currently in page…

I’m not sure how to do it because the channel ID is dynamic… any help would be greatly appreciated!


Just a note,

I was able to fix this after hours of working a script.



Now I have to upgrade my * box as I am only running 1.4 and I need 1.6 to use the SHELL command…