How to interconnect an Asterisk with analogs PBX

How to interconnect an asterisk PBX with an analog Nortel telephony System?
Please, it will be better if you post an example.


The best way would be to take trunk (FXO) ports from the Nortel and connect them to Asterisk using FXS ports.
The next best way would be to take station (FXS) ports from the Nortel and connect them to Asterisk using FXO ports.


hat you think about this??
Nortel analog PBX (FXS port) --> Asterisk (FXS port)

Could this work?
How many calls at the same time i am allowed to use using with that trunk? (It Depend of the option call-limit=??)


You cannot connect FXS to FXS. You can only connect FXS to FXO. You can only connect FXO to FXS. Each type requires the other type to make a complete connection.

For analog channels, the number of simultaneous calls is one per channel. Each port is one channel.


We have done this using analog cards on the nortel (option 11c) and connecting to Asterisk using analog cards. Email me offline and I can explain our setup,



Perhaps an online posting in the forums would help benefit other people that have the same question?

That would be better than a private conversation that others can’t benefit from, no?