How to install HTML in asterisk

hello ,

i want to ask . I installed asterisk with CentOS 9 from scratch. How do I install HTML on the asterisk? i cannot to open web asterisk.


What do you mean by HTML? Maybe you want to open the Asterisk website to configure the server, or something else?


yes , i want to open asterisk via website to configure ext, trunk , etc.


Yous should install FreePBX

That doesn’t exist in Asterisk. FreePBX would probably be a better fit. However, FreePBX is not a real end customer product and requires in-depth specialist knowledge depending on the requirements.

It’s more end user than bare Asterisk. I’d say it is targeted at telecoms managers. A geRaw neral office manager might struggle. Asterisk requires programming skills.

You can try FreePBX

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