How to increase you asterisk PBX Sales?

A question a lot of Asterisk Resellers ask them selfs, is:
How do I make it easy for my self to sell my asterisk system to my clients?
Whats makes my Asterisk system different from anybody elses?

Well one way to make you asterisk system different and easy to sell is to offer a Top Class Call Accounting Package with it, which you can include in the Price.

Questions you might have:
How expensive is this service?
Is it a mission to maintain?
Must I develop my own Call Accounting System?

Well all the answers you need are on the following website:, you

This online Call Accounting system is:
2.No maintenance.
3. No need to develop your own one, as this service is so cheap, there is no point even wasting time trying to develop your own one.

I have personally used this service, for my own client base, and have had a increase in sales and could not ask for a better and cheaper system.

Any questions with regard to this system, that you would like to ask, I will try and answer for you.However there are live demo’s etc on this website:

Check out the following live Demo: