How to include dynamic files in a context?

Hi All,

I need to include files to my context dynamically. Is it possible?? If yes, then please advise.

For example:

Static file include is possible like

#include ABC.conf

However can i include files dynamically?? like:

#include ${FILE} ; this doesnt seem to work for me. Any other way to do this???


#includes are processed at module load time and cannot be parameterised.

What is the underlying requirement that results in a design that needs this features?

Thanx david,

I have users in the system, each having their own “separate” IVR. Now when the call will come to my channel then i need to check which user has called us, thereafter i have to direct that user to his owned IVR.

I was thinking of using dynamic #include to include user specific IVR dial plan during the call.

Please advise, if there is a way out.


Realtime dialplan would be more like what you need



We do very similar to this for a client, callers come in go to a custom ivr and then to a specified destination or specified queue. all settings including ivr options queue ring times are individual for that DDI number.

We use the astdb to store the data and then a dialplan that uses the variables retrieved to route the calls.