How to hook off a softphone from an external application

I have an incoming call from a dadhi channel connected to a queue, the queue has as members several softphone.
I want to connect the incoming call to a member of the queue from an external application using AMI commands.
I Try to do it using the BRIDGE command but did not work.

AMI events shows:

Action: Bridge
ActionID: 1
Channel1: DAHDI/3-1
Channel2: SIP/1001-0000004c

Response: Error
ActionID: 1
Message: Unable to masquerade channel SIP/1001-0000004c!

Event: Masquerade
Privilege: call,all
Clone: DAHDI/3-1
CloneState: Up
Original: Bridge/DAHDI/3-1
OriginalState: Up

Event: Hangup
Privilege: call,all
Channel: SIP/1001-0000004c
Uniqueid: 1377901844.116
CallerIDNum: 1001
CallerIDName: device
Cause: 16
Cause-txt: Normal Clearing

is there any way to do this ?
Thanks in advance.

There should be a WARNING message in the logs, explaining why the masquerade failed, but one reaosn would be referenencing a channel that had already hungup.

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Thanks david, I am new to this forum and also in asterisk, I apologize if my question I did in an inappropriate place. Anyway your answer was helpful.