How to get called party inputs after dial and use them

I want to dial a party, play him a message and wait for his input, i.e. DTMF digits and use them to control the rest of the dial plan.

How do I do it?

If I use Dial it will not return until the end of the call, isn’t it?



You could “Originate” a call. (Check out call origination from CLI and AMI)

When you originate a call, it calls party A. Whe party A answers, it connects them to a channel that begins dialling party B

So you would originate a call to the person you want. When they answer, call the extension with the Auto Attendent, or IVR that you wanted.

You could initiate this by dialling an extension that excecuted a system call to make the system originate a call.

Clear as mud ???

Let me know if you would like an example.