How to get Asterisk SPE v1.0 beta

Hello guys.
There was news regarding Asterisk Service providers Edition.

In the news it was mentioned that it is available via
But don’t know how to get it.
Can any one tell me how to get it?
Himal R Rana

Look at the date at the bottom of the article…

Thanks for information.

i can’t believe anyone fell for that ! nice one Digium :smiley:

ranahimal, April 1 is know as “April Fool’s Day” in the United States. It’s a day for practical jokes. TV stations, newspapers and companies, especially Internet-related ones, tend to announce unlikey products. Unfortunately “Asterisk Service providers Edition” isn’t all that funny.

  • cough *

you can’t be serious!!! that’s now the second online April fools joke I fell for.

Damnit. I fell for Facebooks “live poke” and went round telling everybody I knew about how if you live in the USA you can send a live poke… then felt like a real idiot when I found out it was an April fool… and now this. Lol.