How to get a call from 2nd pri number

Hellow everyone,

I used Digium TE235 PRI card,inserted 2 pri lines for {ex: 1) 123456 2)987654 }

And i am using Elastix 2.3 ISO as a server

when i am trying to do outbound call, the client receiving call from 1st pri number i.e 123456

what to do if i dial number , the client has to receive from 2nd pri number i.e 987654

should i change any configuration files for this…?

Please help me out …!

Thanks in advance…-)

Elastix is not supported here.

Question about configuring the hardware should be addressed to the vendor (Digium have their own channels for doing this).

The answer is likely to depend on the details of your contract with your PSTN provider. You can use g<n> to select a particular group of circuits, and you can set a caller ID, if the provider is prepared to accept one from you.

Thanks for prompt response…!