How to force hangup after a NOTIFY (110)

I’m having trouble with a telco that provides a PRI digital trunk. I can make and receive calls perfectly, but when I make an outgoing call and the other side hangs up, the telco sends me a “NOTIFY (110)” message instead of a DISCONNECT. This forces me to have the used channel open for up to 60 seconds, after which it hangs up by timeout. Otherwise, it is up to the caller to hang up the call manually, but has no audible indication that the call has been finished. The problem is that the callers are being monitored and ideally we’d like to have a report on which side hung up the call.

The telco isn’t helpful at all, they are washing their hands literally on this. I know sometimes, especially when calling analog lines, they have to assume a SUSPEND, but this is happening on every call, including calls to other digital lines.

On the same server I have another PRI, used for calls to mobile numbers, that doesn’t have this problem. If the called side hangs up, I get a DISCONNECT as expected.

I’m using Asterisk 11.4.0 with DAHDI

Is there a way I can force a channel release after a NOTIFY (110)?


I suppose there’s nothing I can do?. At least something to reduce the timeout?


Could you solve this issue? I’m having the same problem. In my case, I’m using a Digium G100 as Gateway to the PSTN.