How to figure out which ISP a call/Outbound Route is using

I have a PBX system w/ two ISP’s. One is dedicated for VoIP and the Gateway is managed and the VoIP calls can only go out that route. The other is just regular ISP. But, I know we can use the second one for regular internet, since we hooked up a laptop to the gateway and ran a I have a second Trunk (Digium) which can use any ISP/Route since its a cloud based setup. We use this as our failover if our Dedicated VoIP line goes down. But, I’m thinking of using the Digium trunk more, but I want to confirm that its using the Dedicated VoIP ISP when possible.

I’m not overly familar with Wireshark, I’m wondering if there is a way from the CLI to figure out which ISP the ourbound route is using.

This is a snapshot from ETH0 which is our non VoIP ISP, and I can’t tell 100% if its going out the other ISP though.

PS 10.1.8.X = Non-VoIP ISP
10.251.0.X = VoIP ISP

It appears as though it is using the Non-VoIP ISP, as you can see the “Initial Speaker” being that IP address.

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