How to enable video call feature in asterisk server


I have setup and Asterisk server on Raspberry pi and I am using an linphone app for making call from one user to another user now I want to enable video call and text message service on this server can anyone help me to figure it out which setting I need to modify on Sip. Conf file.


All of them and none. None because there is no such file, and all because chan_sip is obsolete and therefore you should delete everything in sip.conf and replace it with an appropriate pjsip.conf content.

Although I’ve never seen the need for video, there may be an obvious master switch, but otherwise you just need to add the appropriate codec to all endpoint, noting that there are no video transcoders.

Most of the work for SMS needs to be done in the dialplan, for which examples are available, but I’d have to search for them. Note that ITSPs mainly do not handle SMS using SIP methods. Also, in the USA, there are some complex legal considerations if you send them outside your organisation; it appears that you are treated as doing cold call SMS, even when you aren’t.

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