How to delete the voice mail service configuration in asterisk

hello everyone
what I have to do to delete voice mail service configuration in asterisk?
please help me

Why do you want to delete VM?

If you ‘google’ for ‘asterisk noload’ that may serve your purpose.

what’s mean?
I dont understand your say.
my goal is to remove voice mail message from my calling.
current on my any calling for uk, I can hear voice mail message.
I dont want that. I hate listening the voice mail

Please stop creating lots of new topics on basically the same issue. It just confuses people as they will respond to them in isolation.

I assume you are referring to the voicemail announcement in the recording in one of your other threads. There is no configuration in Asterisk relating to that, as it is being generated by the callee’s mobile network (O2), not by Asterisk.

yes. I found the problem just now.
due to uk voip service – ee voice mail!!!
about uk phone numbers, the ee voice mail applied.

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