How to create new table on database?

Hi everyone…
i need some help from others to solve my problems.
hope someone will help me…

i already access my database,
there are two database inside my asterisk.
which are asterisk and asteriskcdrdb.

asteriskcdrdb have a 1 table which is cdr.
it content the callerid, source, destination and so on.
but this data will be recorded after we hangup the call.

what i want to do is,
to create the real time table that will show the callerid, date and time during the call.
so i can integrate with my system.

my question is how can i create new table on asterisk or asteriskcdrdb to show the real time data…?

Real-time calling information is output to AMI. The CDR data is done once the call is torn-down, not during.

is that possible for me to get the realtime data…?
i really need it because i want to integrate with other system…
i have read that asterisk content 2 realtime data which are static realtime and dynamic realtime.
am i correct…?

can i use the data from that…?