How to correctly notify the queue about operator unavailability?

Colleagues, tell me how to solve the problem most correctly.

There is a certain call center and operators work in it.
Each operator is a living person and can be in different situations.

The operator may be late for work.
The operator can leave earlier or delay to get a few more hours worked.
The operator can leave for lunch or in the women’s room.
The operator can go to the boss.

What is the most correct way to notify the queue that there is no operator at the workplace and to send him calls meaninglessly?

Press the DND button?
Declare a list of operators as dynamic, and do logon-logoff every time? (Pretty girls can do it wrong and because of this there will be scandals …)

What is the most commonly used and reliable method?


I use both dynamic agents that are added and removed as needed as well as static agents that are paused and unpaused.

With the use of BLF it’s easy to indicate to the agent if they are logged in or un-paused, I’ve never had users ‘do it wrong’ when they are set up with ‘red=bad green=good’

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