How to configure tollfree on asterisk

I have a Toll free number for my office and i want to configure it in asterisk. Its starts with 800 xxx xxx . Can any1 guid me the configuration steps in asterisk… Please help

There is nothing special about such numbers for Asterisk. The issues will actually arise with your service provider.

i have taken a tollfree number online and i want to configure this in asterisk. i have tried configuring in my own office on a softphone without tollfree number and im able to call… now im confused because the tollfree company has provided with number and IP… and im confused wether to use a number or a IP address. can you please guid me the configuration in sip.conf and extensions.conf.

The best approach is to ask the service provider for their recommended configuration for Asterisk.

Failing that, you need to tell us what configuration works on a simple phone and what phone that is. That may well be enough, but you may need to take a sip trace to see exactly what they are sending.

If you cannot work out the extensions.conf settings from that, you probably need to go on an Asterisk course, or practice configuring Asterisk in simple cases, rather than asking here.

At a guess, though you need to register to @. Registering is very standard configuration. A normal registration will specify the number that you expect to see coming back, and which will form the extension in the dialplan.


First of tell us what is the line you have PRI E1/T1 or PSTN (Analog line). Based on that you have to select the Asterisk hardware and plug that line to that hardware. Configure the hardware with asterisk and do some dial plan programming in extensions.conf to route that incoming/outgoing call to your register softphone (SIP/IAX) of asterisk.


I get the impression that the call is being presented over SIP, because of the mention of IPs. However, there isn’t enough information to be sure, and nothing so far has convinced me that, with the proper information, this requires more than Asterisk 101.