How to configure Direct RTP Calling

I´m trying to configure this scenario.

SIP Phone <----SIP------> Asterisk <-----G711 RTP---------> Industrial device.

When the Sip phone call to Industrial device Asterisk should:

  1. Run a command
  2. Begin to send RTP Packets from the SIP phone to Industrial device.
  3. Receive RTP packets from Industrial device and send to SIP phone.
  4. Run a command after hang up

How can i Configure Industrial device with Asterisk extensions?

Thanks in advance.

If the industrial device you are referring to is SIP then you’d configure it with SIP credentials and use it normally. If it’s not then you’d need to provide more information.

The way I read the OP’s post, the device uses a nailed up RTP session, which is not something that SIP supports. I suspect he may need to provide a link to the vendor’s documentation, to be sure.

The “Industrial Phone”, is a phone that not has SIP protocol, it has a proprietary protocol. To establish communication with the device i have to send a hexadecimal data to a ip, and after that the “industrial phone” begins to send and recive RTP packets to the IP I specified in the hexa command. To stop communications i have to send another hexa command to the phone IP.
My first option is develop a kind of SIP proxy to communicate to this devices, but maybe it is posible to configure asterisk, to avoid SIP negotation, and simply send a comand and begin to send RTP packets.
Thanks in advance.

That would require writing a new channel technology driver, so is a developer question, not an end user one.