How to Configure (auto routing) in asterisk?

Hi all.

I a m trying to configure asterisk to auto route the dialed numbers to selected extensions based on that number.

for example:

if i have xxxxxx as my number assigned to asterisk.
some on dial xxxxxxy I want the Astrisk to route him
to the y extension without notifications?.

Did any one can tel me how?.


your provider would have to pass you this additional info, and in most cases this isn’t possible, or something they won’t do/be able to do.

for instance, if this is a call from a PSTN circuit, the additional digit dialled would have been ignored by the telco, you’ll only either see the ring, or be the passed the significant digits as part of a PRI … which wouldn’t include ‘y’.

you could of course answer, provide ringing and wait for an additional digit, but the caller would have to know this.