How to check if DID/TFN Number is working


I want to check my number every hour if its working or not. I thought of making a call file and running a script after every hour and note the dial status.

Is there any better way to do this?

Make the call through a completely different provider. A call over the same provider will continue to work even though the provider is cut off from the world, and, if their system is clever, might get turned round even before it reaches the core of their system.

Yes,will call from different provider but I was wondering if there is any better way to dial and check?

if you have got to the state where you need to check whether your number is working or not then it is time to switch providers, just make sure it is not your router closing ports or your internet provider messing with sip traffic, so try another router and maybe another internet provider for couple days see what happens, I remember one time we found a switch not allowing sip traffic flow, go figure.

No its not a router issue and this happen once in few months but if goes undetected causes huge loss

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