How to check a line for vertical codes / how to reset line?

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to figure out if there is way to determine via the CLI on my asterisk server if there are any vertical codes (star codes) enabled on a particular line? For example, I would like to run a command to check to see if call waiting is disabled… or if any other star code is applied to a particular line.

Furthermore, is there a command that I can run to erase or reset the setting for a line back to default? (I guess I should say that all the provisioning for the lines have always been configured by the web GUI).

The reason for my questions above this is that I’m unable to place a call into 1 of the lines provisioned on my Asterisk box, but all the other lines are ok.

Thanks in advance!

Asterisk doesn’t work at that high a level of abstraction. You would have to write dialplan, and probably use originate. Sensing the response may be difficult.

Thanks for the response… is there any CLI commands to turn on logging tracing for a particular line to see why a busy tone is played? The problem is that for one of my particular lines, I get a busy tone whenever I call into it.

I’m just wondering what tracing I can turn on for this particular line that may help identify why incoming call are busy (outgoing calls work just fine)?

The amount of line specific logging and the CLI command to enable it depends on the line technology. For SIP, sip set debug ip or sip set debug peer will do this.