How to change hold music file?

this is my musichold_additional.conf






I want to change the default hold music…
if I change the directory of default, and run fwconsole reload command, then the directory of default is recovered.
how can i change?

Based on your questions it seems like you are using FreePBX and you may want to ask on those forums as opposed to here.

I want to change that in asterisk, not freepbx

If you change it ‘in Asterisk,’ there is a strong possibility that FPBX will clobber it.

i think freepbx configuration should be located specific file of asterisk.
so if I change the value directly, then freepbx will not disturb the changed value.
ofc this is my think.

Please get familiar with Asterisk and FreePBX before you post numerous questions that show that you have not read the basic stuff. FreePBX generates its own configuration files and overwrites the usual .conf files, but there are exceptions. You need to go to the FreePBX forum to ask questions like that.

Methinks, if you ask questions like “I am using FreePBX, but I do not want to use it and I want to use plain Asterisk instead.” you will get similar answers.

My experience with FPBX is extremely limited as I suspect most participants on this forum.

I suspect that (in a FPBX environment) you need to limit your customization to <asterisk-file-name>_custom.conf files or FPBX will step on your changes.

My suggestion would be to pick a road and forge forward. Do you want to be in control or do you want to let FPBX be in control? If FPBX provides the features you need, great. If your needs exceed 'tweaking FBPX," jump into the deep (learning wise) end of the pool and configure everything from scratch.

On both roads, the key is you learning by reading and playing, not just asking a stream of questions that indicate you haven’t ‘done the work.’

Everyone (well, maybe most) here wants to help you learn to fish, not hand out fish. That help, usually takes the form of: I tried x, here’s the console log or SIP dialog. I googled a bit and didn’t find anything relevant and I’m stuck. Can someone throw me a bone?"

When you understand why FPBX has to do this, and how limiting it may be, you will be in a position to choose your road.

Sometimes FreePBX is more than sufficient, sometimes not. I have my own system of config files and other things on a Linux box. The downside is, that except me, nobody can maintain such a box. So far, nobody wanted to pay for adequate documentation…

The downside of FreePBX custom files is, that you need to know fairly well, how FreePBX is doing things and how that affects Asterisk in the background. This is not really something for beginners,

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