HOW TO Change Cisco 7960 language to FRENCH


I’m using Asterisk with Trixbox.
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My boss asked me to change the display language on all Cisco 7960 phones from english to french.

I searched on the web and I found it’s easy to modify it with CME but how can I change it with Asterisk ?

I also checked to get the french .xml file. I cant find it… Each time I want to download it, Cisco ask me for a service ID…

It’s a SIP phone.

Anyone can help me please ?


UP ?!? :wink:

Anyone can help me a bit please ?

Thanks in advance!

Asterisk is a PBX not a Cisco phone management tool. So you are barking up the wrong tree :wink:

Check the Cisco phone vendor for instruction on how to change the language on the phones.

Also please read the forum rules on bumping.