How to build custom HoldOn audio with CLI?


II would like to build a custom music on hold from 2 files:

  • one is a music file (an Asterisk provided moh file like reno_project-system.wav),
  • one is a custom audio like “Welcome to Example corporation, please, hold onwe are going to connect you”.

I was thinking of playing music, lowering its volume, playing the audio file, increasing the volume again and playing the rest of the music file.

My input files are: music.wav and text.wav
Using sox vocabulary, the steps I’m about to follow are:

  • trim first 5 seconds of music.wav
  • fade out 3 seconds of music.wav (from 5s to 8s)
  • play text.wav
  • fade in 3 seconds of music.wav (from 8s to 11s)
  • play music from 11s

Have you done something similar ?
Which steps did you follow ?
Which tools did you choose ?
Advice ?
Suggestions ?

Best regards

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