How to build Asterisk with support for WebRTC?

Hi. So, I’m really, really new to Asterisk. I read the documents and tried to install by apt install asterisk (ubuntu sv 16.04), but failed in a lot of points. I need URGENTLY to create this server, so I’m thinking of downloading the official distro. How could I do to integrate with WebRTC and be able to establish connections through wss?

There is a WebRTC tutorial in the Wiki you can look at.

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WebRTC generally isn’t plug and play in the real world though. It’s not something that you just set up and it works 100% of the time. You also need to learn about the foundational aspects of WebRTC before deploying it, or else when things break (and they will) you won’t know what to do.

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First learn more about VOIP and then Webrtc because as @jcolp says

First of all, thanks for replying. I was able to make my webphone connect to the server. The server is on a virtual machine, so I guess without specific hardware it will not be able to make calls, right? But it worked to at least connect.

There are multiple transports you could use to connect your server to the PSTN that do not require a hardware interface on the sever itself.

You can talk more about this? You got my attention.

In my view, if you even need to ask, you are not ready to embark on using WebRTC. My feeling is you are going keep on coming back with questions.

Maybe I’m not ready… But I need to be. Just like this.
You know how companies are.