How to allow only my public IP to use VoIP Provider/trunk?

Hi Guys,

Currently I have a problem on my public hosted Asterisk PBX which is some hackers hacked my PBX and used up all my trunks credit.
One of the solution I can think of is, I want to allow only my public IP to only able to use that trunk.
Anyone have example config that can share?

And also If anyone have a solution to prevent hackers to hack my asterisk PBX would be great.
Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

You can configure, in both chan_sip and chan_pjsip, an ACL which limits the IP addresses that can use a peer (or endpoint in PJSIP). This is done using the “permit” and “deny” options.

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Thanks @jcolp that’s the options I need… :slight_smile: