How to add cell phone to elastix pbx?

hi ,
i have cellular smartt cell

and i want to add it to my pbx
please help me how to operate and integrate this with elastix
i have no idea about elastix config , plz give me brief steps

here is the device … p-235.html


This is not a forum for Elastix. The Elastix support forums are at

This is a GSM terminal, not a cellular phone. That page indicates it has been discontinued and does not clearly indicate how it interfaces to the PABX, but it is likely that you treat it as a landline connection to the PSTN, i.e. as an FXO line.

If you don’t know anything about the software you are using, you should read the documentation, take a course, or employ a consultant. Peer support forums are not appropriate places to ask for step by step instructions.

sorry for that david :blush:
thanks for your guide .