How should I sttart?


I would like to build a low cost voice system to response customer balance.

Basically, customer will enter account number via his phone touch pad and my voice system will query mysql database and response back the balance amount.

  1. What hardware do I need?
  2. If I install Asterisk on my linux, what kind of AGI do I use?

Thanks for the help!


First of all you’ll need a linux box, and then it’ll depend how callers will reach that box.
If you are going to use SIP trunk or IAX trunk then you’ll need no other extra hardware, whereas if you want to connect your linux box via E1 or analog lines then you’ll need to buy the proper PCI card for your box.
have a look at the analog or digital telephony devices here:

Regarding the AGI you can use any kind you prefer, for me personally i’ve done many scripts like this using php as the AGI scripting language and mysql as a database.


Thanks so much for the information! That is a good start for me.

Best regards