How really safe is it to perform OS yum updates on a live asterisk?

Can we safely use OS related yum update and expect asterisk to continue running without any issues?

Or is it better to only install security patches?

Any best practice out there?

Kindly share your experience.


That depends on how the packages are written. I’m not sure that there are any yum packages that are supported as part of the Asterisk project, athough I believe that FreePBX has them

I’m pretty sure that Posix systems won’t allow you to overwrite a loaded executable, and I expect the fundamental switch to be done by a rename, rather than a copy. I’d expect anything currently loaded would continue to use the old binary, but loading a module afterwards might break.

To actually get the security fix live you will need to stop and restart the binary.

I wouldn’t expect any upgraded default configurations to be applied, so I would assume those would need to be done manually.

I am sorry if I wasnt clear enough, my question was more related to the OS than Asterisk itself.

I think it could break if modules are dynamically loaded after the update and they depend on libraries that have already been loaded into the executable, but were changed in the update, as I suspect the loader will consider the updated library to be a different library.

I’ve had a web browser break after the Debian equivalent, but it is rare.

Security updates to libraries already loaded will be ineffective until the overall program is restarted.

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