How many channels in one group


although i have read in wiki that a channels can be a member of one or more group i just want to know from you pal, how many channels can be in one group?

i have te110p connected to Rhino channel bank with 8 FXO and 16FXS
1-8fxo = group 1, 16-20 FXS=group2 and 21-24 = group3

for experiment purposes i only connect 2 Telco lines that were in channel 1 and channel 5 of FXO and group as 1. now as i said
when dialing to pstn world in correspond to this script.

first i got connected(using channel 1) but when i make a second call (using channel 5) im stuck no ring and im not connect. but for incoming for this two channels no problem in pointed to my IVR.

as couple of time pass by i decided to pull out one TELCO from our legacy PABX and put it into channel two and tried dialing out. again with this script

i made a first call successful(using channel 1) and as i made a second call (using channel 2) it also successful. but a third call for (using channel 5)
doesnt work

also i tried channel 6,7,8 the same result.

now my question is, is there a limit of channels in a group (i read from wiki that there is no limit) just want to confirm from you masters?

i havent regroup the channel yet in zapata.conf, but il try if it will work as 4 channels in one group in correspond to my Rhino Channel bank with 6 daughter card, each daughter card has 4 channels

any feedback for today my dear masters?

ah come on give it at least a day before bumping it…

first make sure your ports are configured right. then make sure each works. set up dial strings like

exten => whatever,1,Dial(Zap/2/sometestnumber)
and make sure that you can dial out on all the channels you are supposed to be able to.

since the problem is twice on port 5 perhaps port 5 is the issue? maybe the port itself is dead or its configured wrong?

my apologies sir! i thought i posted it the other day

i got solve the issue with your help

thank your very much, and once again so sorry

no worries. glad you got it fixed!