How install Festival at Asterisk@Home 2.5?

I unzip the software and burn at a cd

How I can read the cd and install festival?

After I install how I can access this software

Thanks in advance

do you mean you are running AH 2.5. or did you download the tarball (gz) version and you just want to install festival on a linux box ?

you need to post more complete details to get a more complete answer !

Yes i download and extract the file and burn a cd
I just want install the festival at asterisk box
now I need to install the festival cd in the asterisk@home 2.5
How I do that?

that’s as clear as mud then !! so i’ll guess what you mean.

festival is already installed if you installed AH from the ISO file.

i think it’s also installed if you install to an existing system using the tarball. have you tried dialling *61 (i think !!) from one of your extensions ? there are a few festival scripts in an A@H install.