How i can connect m local asterisk server to a SIP-URI?

After setting up Asterisk server on local machine ,

  1. how i can associate it with a SIP-RRI?
  2. how i can test my local Asterisk server?
  1. I guess you mean a SIP-URI. This happens automatically when you setup SIP accounts.
  2. You can enable all kinds of test modules when you compile the sources, but in general making calls and setting debug flags should be sufficient.

ok thanks
you were right . Asterisk comes with a SIP server itself , which i configured correctly via psip,conf and it works.
But can i configure psip.conf ,so it works with server like OnSIP and linphone.?
what i mean if i have a sip number then , if some one call me ,he should listen to my asterisk extension 1002 ,which is an ivr ?

I am not familiar with the details of Linphone’s free SIP service, but I guess that you have to get an account yourself, register your Asterisk server with it and then distribute locally according to your liking.

thats what i am asking , can i register an sip account(third party) with asterisk?
if yes then is there any sample config file?

Not that I know, but there is nothing special here. Just pay attention to possible error messages and adjust your settings.

That may seem like a stupid answer, but VoIP has a lot of “moving parts” and even depends to a large degree on what is happening outside the pbx. There are also different ways to connect the stuff, but that depends on what you ultimately want to achieve.

ok thanks
every answer leads to a solution
no answer is stupid in this world

ok i will looking for this solution
if anyone else need this , just in case

for more details

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