How does voicemail work?

Hi !

I think I have read somewhere that my *box would be able to send mails when there is a message on the “answering machine”

If someone is dialing ext 7898 and there is no answer the person on that extensins is getting a mail. IS tha possible and how do I configure it?

yes this is possible with asterisk box
for that voicemail config sud be properly config with this parameters


serveremail =
sendvoicemail = yes
mailcmd=/usr/sbin/sendmail -v -t -f

7788 => 11,john, or ur gmail id
above is ur extension 7788 voicemail settings

also in sip .conf u have to set mailbox=7788 for that use config.
above is important settings to work voicemail to email notification other things in voicemail,sip,extenson.conf are same as u config.
one more thing plz check at ur server sendmail application is ON. which is in int.d file check that also.