How does an asterisk upgrade only add the parts me want

Good afternoon! As a newcomer to asterisk, I am deeply troubled by the upgrade of asterisk.

The asterisk version of our company is The latest requirement is to realize IP multicast function. According to data search, the following API is needed:

exten = > 1234, 1, Dial (MulticastRTP/basic /

Among them, the MulticastRTP was added after asterisk 1.8, so I installed the latest version of asterisk 16.3.0 on another computer.I tried to port the code and files associated with MulticastRTP from asterisk 16.3.0 to our project, but unfortunately I failed. So I would like to ask you for help. If you have any ideas and Suggestions, I would be very grateful.

I suspect that the feature you are using is so new that even an experienced coder would say it is less expensive to update your configuration to run on a current supported version.

What you are talking about is a back port, which means going into the guts of the source code and rewriting all the bits that depend on things that have been changed. Whilst, in some cases, small changes can be applied to recent older versions by just applying the difference in the source code, I suspect, in this case, the change is not small, and the verrsions are a long way apart.

Thank you for your reply. Indeed, as you said, it is faster to simply update the version to the latest. But we added a lot of our own features to the previous version If we just use the latest asterisk, those features would be more difficult and more work to port.

So it’s very upsetting now. But the point is that we want to introduce IP multicast functionality, and I don’t know whether it can be implemented in asterisk any other way. Based on the information I have found so far, only MulticastRTP can be achieved.

Well… Currently I have found related files res_rtp_multicast.c and chan_rtp.c, which depend on header files found under /include/asterisk/. But because the version is too old, the contents have changed a lot.

Or should I download an asterisk version 1.8? That was the first version of MulticastRTP that came in, and there would have been fewer revisions.

If it is in 1.8, I think there is some chance of backporting . However, it depends on how extensive the change was.

Yes, I tried to look for asterisk 1.8 download resources, but unfortunately the version 1.8 download package is no longer officially available. I can only download the top version 13.26.0 and try it.

The direction has been determined, the rest is time. Thank you for your reply.

All old releases are available for download[1].


You also probably want the individual commits. When I was actively involved in doing this sort of backporting, the SVN repository was still available, and I’m not familiar enough with GIT and how it has been used, to know how to get them from GIT.

As a work-around, Look up the Algo 8180, It’s a SIP Alerter, You can place a call to it and have it multi-cast out.

Thank you for the link, did not expect to pull to the bottom to see. Embarrassed…

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