How do you show subscriptions for chan_pjsip?

What is the equivalent command to ‘sip show subscriptions’ for PJSIP?

I want to know which endpoints are subscribing to what resource for troubleshooting.

There is an open issue[1] for implementing this, but it has not yet been done.


I’m also looking for such a feature too. What about the internal asterisk DB?

Subscriptions are persisted in the AstDB by default so they will show up if you look at the database, but there is no pretty display for that and it is in JSON.

Hum, good to know, I guess I will check it out. Thanks.

I frequently use sip show subscriptions to diagnose Parking and BLF issues and find this feature to be kind of a big omission from chan_pjsip.

Yesterday I brought up a couple test phones on my Asterisk 13 dev box and had my console flooded by the message:

[Nov 2 16:38:38] NOTICE[8317] res_pjsip_exten_state.c: Extension state subscription failed: Extension 9520 does not exist in context ‘kiniston-intern’ or has no associated hint

It was rather frustrating to track down as I did not know what phone was attempting to subscribe.

I’d suggest posting on the issue that you’d like it.

Done. I didn’t realize it was appropriate to make comments on issues others had created, Thank you.

You can make comments on any issue you desire :smiley: