How do you define context in realtime mySQL asterisk scenarios?

Dear Asterisk Users, i want to make a dial plan such as when an extension is dialed suppose it’s (03111308308) then it checks the time if the time is regular office timing the IVR should say our office is open and the relevant menu should be played other wise it should say that the office is closed please record your message. i want to make to different context (open and closed). question is how do you define context in SQL? Any help will be much appreciated.

See the sample configuration file for example of time dependent context includes, or use GotoIfTIme ( ).

Thanks it is very helping . The question is how to write the context open and closed. like in the static real-time we do [open] and [closed] in the extensions.conf for defining the context. how do you do it in real-time dynamic mySQL.

Using the context column in the table!

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i see. thanks for the help. i am going to test it and share my results. thanks a lot