How do I make a queue call out?

I’ve read the documents about app_queue, lerning that it’s very useful. I want to bridge all the calls in a queue to a outgoing phone number. Right now I make a Dial(IAX2/outgoing_dialstring…) in a loop, trying for a while.

Can this be achieved with app_queue? I don’t want to log in from that number, and this number would be the only queue member.


/Johan Wilfer

exten => 500,1,AddQueueMember(support|local/blah@agents/n)

exten => blah,1,Dial(IAX2/provider/15555551212)

So you simply dial 500 to login the 15555551212 number into the queue.


I would prefer not to have to log in at all, if possible.
Can this this avoided somehow?
If not - how can I maximize the timeout?


You can make it a static member so it never has to be logged in. Just add something like so to under your queue:

member => IAX2/provider/15555551212

I believe this is the same thing I’m looking for but just to clearify. I am looking for a way to have the cid set to a specific number based on what queue my agents are logged into not necessarily what extention they are logged in to. Is this possible? I kind of question this because it seems that a call queue is designed for incoming calls, and not out going. Any help would be greatly appreciated.