How do I get notified of Asterisk issues

We run 11 servers in our business. Many have some sort of test or watchdog scripts on them which send off emails to server_admin when they are unhappy.

We have recently seen two types of event on the Asterisk PBX… messages like:

:[date] NOTICE[465] chan_sip.c: – Registration for ‘’ timed out, trying again

[date] WARNING[933] chan_dahdi.c: CID timed out waiting for ring. Exiting simple switch

Now both of those are signs of pretty disastrous malfunction, but the Asterisk s/w just plods headlessly on doing its best, and I’m none the wiser. The first one cost me a lot of money as I paid for landline calls I thought were going through VOIP.

So what are my options?

O Have I missed some obvious feature that will do what I want?

O I could be happy with a continuous upload of the log file(s) to a more beefy server, where I would run an analysis script.

O I guess there might be some s/w I could load onto the Asterisk unit to make it spew interesting stuff off somewhere. But I’m less than keen of adding stuff to a uCLinux m/c I don’t understand and also depend on.

O There might be some SMTP feature that would do exactly what I want if only I had the faintest how such stuff works.

How do other people integrate the PBX into their background equipment monitoring scheme?



I wrote a bash script for monitoring the status of a SIP device, for one of my customers. I used the Asterisk sip show peers and originate commands, and Linux grep, cut and a cron job. The script check the status of the sip device every 60 seconds if the status != OK make an automatic call to the IT manager every 60 seconds until the SIP device status get OK again

I think that your best bet is to find out why you are loosing registration with your SIP provider. You might have a network or DNS problem, perhaps your VoIP provider has issues.