How do I find number dialed? Mobile to voicemail redirect


I want to create a setup for my company to replace the voicemail services of our mobile plan provider - they make an additional (expensive) charge for each call to voicemail to collect messages, but any divert to another number comes out of our monthly pre-paid minutes. This will be a quite a saving for us.

I propose to use a dedicated phone number (POTS) as a company wide voicemail number and get everyone to set their mobile voicemail to divert to this number.

Everyone in the company has their own Asterisk voicemail box (obviously!)

In order to direct the incoming “redirected” call to the correct internal mailbox I need to know what the original mobile number dialled is, ie if I call my colleague’s mobile 0123456789 and he/she is busy/away when the call redirects to our voicemail trunk number, I need to know what the original dialled number is (ie “0123456789”) so I can forward this on to their Asterisk mailbox.

So how to I find “0123456789”?


If using POTS then you have no access to such information. If using a VoIP provider they may provide such information in a Diversion header which is presented in Asterisk using the REDIRECTING dialplan function[1]. There is no guarantee they will provide this, though.


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You star. I can use a VOIP trunk and I’ve got one I can use from the same provider to see if I can get it to work.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I’ll update this thread when I’ve had a chance to play…

Yeah, ok, first step is to migrate from 16 to 17 which was on my task list for later this week… :wink:

Why? There’s no need to update to 17. I just linked that page because it came up first, but the functionality has existed for quite a long time and is in 16 as well.

So I figured after I’d hit send!

Anyway I’ve had a play and my dialplan logic is sound but my trunk provider doesn’t appear to provide the Diversion header as REDIRECTING(count) always returns 0.

Another good idea bites the dust :slight_smile:

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