How disable log mysql connection

Hi. I use cmd MYSQL.
Asterisk write all connection properties like username, password, etc. into a log file.
How disable writning cmd Mysql connection properties into log?

[2018-05-03 10:07:00] VERBOSE[5858][C-000007dd] pbx.c: Executing [8900@cybernet-context:5] MYSQL(“SIP/8900-000011bb”, “Connect connid ccms.mysql.server asterisk mysql_username mysql_password”) in new stack

Reduce the logging verbosity, or change the soruce code and recompile. The latter will be difficult as the code that requests logging has no idea that it is dealing with a MYSQL command, and log messages from that part of the code are something ath we would always insist on in dealing with a problem report.

use func_odbc instead.