How come my verizons ring down stoped working?

verizon controls hunts right? im trying to setup asterisk for the first time, i disconnected a few lines from my old pbx system and when i pluged them back in, my ring down (hunt?) doesn’t work. is that verizon’s fault or my old pbx’s? also, when i call out on two of my lines, they report the same callerid info on my cell phone. also, if i call one of the numbers of these two lines, it rings both lines. however, i can call two numbers from each of these lines and they both show the same callerid info. all i did was unplug two lines from my old pbx and plug them into asterisk to test, and then pluged them right back into my old pbx…

i hope that makes sense.

nm, my fault, sorry guys, ignore this post plz